La Cucina

La Cucina

The Kitchen and the Bar

Molto’s philosophy is centered around the will to create something powerfully Italian.

It is with great passion that we dedicate ourselves to finding the best local products, always selecting them on the basis of season and freshness, in order to provide our guests with a constant renewal of our menu. The pasta and the bread are home made according to antique recipes, just like the dessert. The meat is of Italian origin and we only provide top quality fish. Chef Paolo Castrignano does a modern personal interpretation of the Roman traditional cuisine and the result is a variety of unique dishes.

The wine selection is impeccable. Our guests can choose between a multitude of wines, either by the glass or by the bottle. Our wine list includes more than one hundred national labels. An accurate selection of champagne and liquors goes beyond the Italian geographical borders.

Every day from 1 p.m. taste our salads fro a light and high quality lunch. The service is avalaible on the terrace and balcony and does not exclude the normal à la carte menu.

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The rotisserie

The Rotisserie: heart of Molto Ristorante

The rotisserie is one of our key elements. The traditional flavours such as chicken, piglet, duck, pigeon, rabbit are constantly rethought in a creative manner.
The open-plan kitchen is our absolute star, as it entertains the guests who are able to watch the making of the dishes.


Our Vegetable Garden

An entirely home made and organic production.

The ingredients used by Molto Ristorante come from the vegetable farm owned by the Bassetti family in the Bracciano lake area. The lacustrine climate allows the vegetables to grow in mild conditions, which makes them ideal for healthy crops.
The production is entirely home made and organic, there is no use of machines or chemical fertilizers.
The vegetables are destined exclusively for Molto Ristorante and Molto Libreria con Cucina, which are provided with fresh products on a daily basis.

This zero-km approach annuls the great distribution channel in favor of genuine ingredients, demonstrating that simple ingredients can give birth to exquisite dishes.